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Manufacturing AS/NZS ISO 12759.1 Fans — Efficiency classification for fans, Part 1: General requirements ME-013 04/07/2024
Manufacturing DR AS 1627.6:2024 Redlined Metal finishing - Preparation and pretreatment of surfaces, Part 6: Phosphate and chromate conversion treatment of metals MT-009 19/06/2024
Manufacturing DR AS 1418.9:2024 Redlined Cranes, hoists and winches, Part 9: Vehicle hoists ME-005 19/06/2024
Manufacturing DR AS 2550.9:2024 Redlined Cranes - Safe use, Part 9: Vehicle hoists ME-005 19/06/2024
Construction DR AS 3959:2024 Redlined Construction of buildings in bushfire-prone areas FP-020 02/08/2024
Electricity and Gas DR AS/NZS 3120:2021 Amd 1:2024 Approval and test specification — Cord extension sockets EL-004 20/06/2024
Construction DR AS 4428.6:2024 Redlined Fire detection, warning, control and intercom systems - Control and indicating equipment, Part 6: Alarm signalling equipment FP-002 02/07/2024
Health Care and Social Assistance DR AS 3856.1:2021 Amd 1:2024 Hoists and ramps for people with disabilities - Vehicle mounted, Part 1: Product requirements ME-067 26/06/2024
Electricity and Gas DR AS 4044:2024 Redlined Battery chargers for stationary batteries EL-005 23/07/2024
Electricity and Gas DR AS/NZS 1158.4:2024 Redlined Lighting for roads and public spaces, Part 4: Lighting of pedestrian crossings LG-002 25/07/2024
Electricity and Gas DR AS/NZS 60079.1:2015 Amd 1:2024 Explosive atmospheres - Part 1: Equipment protection by flameproof enclosures "d" (IEC 60079-1 Ed.7.0 (2014), MOD) EL-014 04/07/2024
Mining DR AS 3785.1:2024 Underground mining - Shaft equipment, Part 1: Overwind safety catch and winding arresting systems ME-018 01/07/2024
Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing DR AS 4970:2024 Protection of trees on development sites EV-018 01/08/2024
Electricity and Gas DR AS ISO 13503.1:2024 Petroleum and natural gas industries — Completion fluids and materials, Part 1: Measurement of viscous properties of completion fluids ME-092 19/06/2024
Manufacturing AS 1674.1 Redlined Safety in welding and allied processes, Part 1: Fire precautions WD-004 19/06/2024
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