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Public Comment Pilot

This platform is being piloted in an effort to improve the public comment phase of developing a standard. Some of the improvements include:

  • Viewing the draft directly in your browser, removing the need to download a PDF version

  • Commenting on specific sections of the draft directly in your browser

  • Visibility of other users' comments to improve transparency and the ability to report comments for immediate moderation

The following drafts are open for public comment:

For detailed information on how to submit comments on a draft standard please view the Help Page.

We would appreciate your feedback on this pilot so we can plan and deliver further improvements to the public comment platform. Please let us know how public comment worked for you by emailing, and/or by taking a quick survey to help us improve the experience in the future.

More information

For more information on this pilot, how to submit a comment, or any technical difficulties, please contact our Standards Information Service on 1800 035 822 (Free call within Australia), +612 9237 6171 (From overseas) or email


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